Citizen Friendly Budgets and Budget Analysis for Children

In cooperation with Save the Children, UBO Consulting has drafted the Citizen Friendly Budgets and Budget Analysis for Children in the Municipalities of Prishtina and Peja. The purpose of this project was to increase civic participation, enhance transparency and accountability among public institutions at the municipal level while giving children the much needed priority. The Citizen Friendly Budgets will help Peja's and Pristina's citizens to better understand the budgetary process, to keep their representatives accountable to their deeds, while thoroughly informing them on the inner financial workings of their municipality. The Budget Analysis for Children maps out the situation of and expenditure on children in the municipalities of Pristina and Peja for 2015. By analysing legislative, strategic and budgetary documents, it sheds light on the extent of allocations and spending on children in the two municipalities as well as on the autonomy and desire of relevant institutions to spend and include children in their policy-making processes Click here to download the report