A periodic survey dedicated to the collection of information through a joint comprehensive survey. The survey is organized monthly and the results can be tracked by our clients. OMNIBUS questions are grouped and thus the price per question is easily affordable for all types of businesses, organizations or individuals

What do citizens think about...

If you are interested in the ongoing social, political and economic developments in Kosovo based on the attitude of the citizens, please choose one of the following options:

Do you think things are going in the right direction or the wrong one?

How satisfied are you with the work of the former prime minister?

Evaluation of key political figures in Kosovo.

Why do I need OMNIBUS for my company?

It is a low-cost, effective method to directly answer your questions with regard to your product or service, your clients and direct competitors. By making a minimal investment, your business will be informed about the customer perception of your product or service, market conditions and customer behavior towards a certain product or service you offer


Number of questions


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Number of questions


For more inquiries please choose plan

Method and research parameters

The research sample is representative on a Kosovo-wide level with exactly 1,000 respondents of various age-groups, taking into account gender and regions. Interviews are conducted on a random-selection scheme, which guarantees an accurate overall opinion

What benefit does this information provide to me?

  • Where is the product sold the most?
  • How much do they spend on our product?
  • Why is a certain product/service not performingas predicted?
  • What changes are needed for the product/service?
  • What perception do customers have towards the product/service?
  • Which class of society purchases our product?
  • Which are the reasons customers purchase our product?
  • Which are the reasons buyers DO NOT purchase our product?

This information will help your business thrive by addressing problems as follows:

  • Addressing product-related problems
  • By advertising the product to customers that have high chances of purchase
  • Selecting the location where revenue is greatest
  • Selecting the target group which brings the most revenue
  • By improving the quality based on customer feedback
  • By targeting the audience which is most productive
  • To understand which age-groups purchase our product