Taxpayers Survey in Kosovo 2015[GIZ]

The purpose of this project was to support GIZ in their TAK related support projects by providing qualitative and quantitative data on the perceptions and appraisal of taxpayers on the performance of TAK. The data gathered through this project aimed to give a picture of the situation in Kosovo and inform GIZ and TAK consequently on areas which need prioritization according to taxpayers’ perception. This report synthesized and analyzed the findings from a number of data collection exercise, namely the quantitative surveys, the semi-structured interviews and the focus groups. Initially, UBO Consulting conducted a quantitative survey with a representative sample of 1252 businesses and individual taxpayers, which were stratified by region, municipalities and type of activity (sector). In addition to the quantitative survey, there was also included the qualitative research methodology conducted through semi-structured interviews with business associations and other relevant stakeholders. Lastly, there were organized four focus groups with different groups of the taxpayers to test and confirm results from the quantitative interviews and get further explanations on specific findings