Kujtim Koci

Kujtim a Fulbright scholar, spent an academic year studying towards an MBA degree at University of Wisconsin-Madison, the only Top 30 MBA program in the U.S. with a specialization in market research. His one-year experience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison exposed Kujtim to advanced, innovative tools and methodologies which allow him to utilize research and data to successfully generate insights for various decision-makers. His bachelor’s degree is in Economics, with a concentration in Business Management. Kujtim joined UBO Consulting in September 2011 and was initially involved in assisting senior researchers with project proposal writing, data analysis and reporting. Currently, he leads a team of five analysts at UBO Consulting and is responsible for project proposal writing, research design, drafting of research instruments, data analysis and report writing. Moreover, Kujtim is an expert in using advanced marketing mix modelling and data analytics techniques to help businesses improve their performance and strive in today’s competitive environment.