Valmira Rexhëbeqaj

Valmira, has obtained a Master of Science (MSc) in Economics for Business Analysis Staffordshire University/United Kingdom – Economics (2005), and is currently a PhD candidate in Fiscal Policy, and Economic Growth at University of Tirana (2013). She is certified in Macroeconomic Implications of Fiscal Issues, in Macroeconomic Management and Financial Sector Issues, and in Democracy and Politics. At UBO Consulting she is responsible for developing appropriate strategies and action plans taking into account the goals and objectives of the company, organizing and managing the operations of the agency to fulfill the expectations of clients, and ensuring that the services offered by the agency contribute to the mission of the agency. Prior to joining UBO Consulting, she was Director of Economic and Public Policy Department, Ministry of Finance for almost four years. She has ten years’ experience working with the Kosovo government and international organisations, on macroeconomics, fiscal policy and other public finance issues. In particular her experience was focused on drafting Mid-Term Budget Expenditure Framework, Public Finance Analyses and Sectoral Resource Allocation and Budgeting. Valmira has a proven track record of working at Policy advisory level to devise Strategies, Monitoring measures, Performance indicators and Impact assessment.